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Furniture company ABDONGROUP it is a combination of modern production technologies, assembly reliability and the highest quality standards.

We have been strengthening our position in the market for over sixteen years, fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of clients and perfecting tens of thousands of parts.
Our journey was not in vain, because now we know the ideal formula for creating premium furniture, where every little thing is thought out especially for you.

ABDONGROUP implementation that exceeds your expectations.

Nemirovsky Evgeny


Tkachuk Pavel

Managing director

Thanks to cooperation with reliable partners, the range of furniture materials is becoming more and more extensive, satisfying any requirements. We will interest the client, first of all, in the quality of furniture products, and we can also offer him low prices. The convenience of our cabinet furniture lies in its individuality. Furniture « ABDON GROUP » is manufactured taking into account modern trends in the design of furniture for the home. On our website you can choose several options that are most suitable for your home. If you have not found such options, then our company will professionally help you to design and make our common joint fantasy a reality.

We Cooperate With Well-Known World Brands